Remember The Days Of Uncomfortable School Chairs?

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Comfort and Technology Has Come A Long Way!
Remember the days of uncomfortable school chairs?

Gone are the days of bad backs, uncomfortable chairs and wobbly legs…or has it?
Are you giving your students the best start in life with posture?

Uncomfortable School Chairs


Uncomfortable seating during a persons education has been proven to affect posture and back problems in later life. So it’s more important than ever to give our children the best seating possible during many years of school life. 

Advancements in design, materials and technology have abled manufacturers to produce better seating options available to school and colleges.

The most contact a child will have at school is with a chair, so we have to provide them with the best product.

Comfortable = Better Concentration – which can only be good for learning.

Modern school chairs are stronger, lighter, more comfortable, better stacked, eco friendly, hygienic and hold many other advantages over their predecessors.

We have a responsibility to look after our children’s health and quality of school life. So make certain when purchasing your new seating options, that they offer the best long term care for future generations.

Call us at SFO to discuss the best options for your school.  We stock only the best products to supply into education throughout the UK & Europe.

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