Only Supplying The Best Quality Products

Established in 1976, MPS is still owned and run by the family. The company has gained a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality. MPS work with you to offer expert planning and huge ranges of quality furniture, to suit your budget and taste. This is combined with interior design and project management. You will be assured of total quality and satisfaction guaranteed. MPS will provide outstanding service, combined with outstanding furniture. No matter the environment, MPS can furnish any room within education, leisure or public facility

We Help You Make The Right Decisions

We understand that you need a school furniture supplier that you can rely on. That is why at MPS, we make a promise to ensure that you have the best possible experience when ordering your furniture. Many of us are time poor and there is nowhere this is more true, than in Education. Therefore we also understand your urgent need to save time and money. Saving you time and money is what we do. All whilst offering you the best possible quality in product and service. That is why schools, colleges, academies, universities and other public facilities, consider MPS as the number 1 school furniture supplier in the UK.